Modern Marketing

Why Marketing is Important for the Modern Business

Many things change over time, especially when it comes to technology. For example, the newspaper has all but vanished and is certainly different than it was even a decade ago. Similarly, television is still around but it is no longer people’s primary source of information and with all of the new tools and platforms available,…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Designer

5 Essential Questions to Ask a Web Design Company Before Hiring Them

Websites are an essential part of the marketing toolkit for your company or organization. Undertaking a new website or a website redesign is a huge decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Selecting a web design company to plan, design, develop, market, support and continually improve your website is one of, if not…

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Website Care

How Maintenance Can Lead to a More Successful Website

Like a Car Needs Oil, a Website Needs Regular Maintenance Houston, We Have a Problem I played ice hockey in high school and oftentimes would get a ride with a friend in what can best be described as, a soon to expire jalopy, to our 6 a.m., before school practices. On one especially blustery, winter morning we…

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