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Selecting the right design company is an important business decision. We'll help you determine if we're the right one for you.

There are many things we've learned in the last 18 years of providing professional design services. The most important: Make sure the relationship is a great fit right from the start.

We have identified 4 core characteristics of the companies we serve that’ll help you determine if Frndly is the right partner for you.

Years in Business

You have been operating as an organization or business for at least a year* and therefore have a solid understanding of your ideal customer, products/services, and the industry you are in.
* We make exceptions for startups, let's chat!

Marketing/Sales Team

You have at least one employee in your company who already manages your online and/or offline marketing. We work best when we are thought of as an “extension” of your team and can play a complimentary role in your overall marketing efforts.

Ongoing Partner

You are not just looking for a pretty website or a one-off design solution. Instead, you want to find someone to partner with you to become an extension of your team – someone who is invested in helping your site, and your business, to grow.


You will allow us to have the required access to your team to tap into at each phase of the project to gather insights about your industry, products or services and customers. After all, we can’t build a smart, results-focused website in a vacuum.

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