What is a Smart Website?

We've confidently and courageously delivered results-driven websites for almost 20 years.

Our experience allows us to identify what works best to create the most successful sites.

What we found during our extensive experience are 7 extremely powerful key elements that are essential to incorporate on every website. When these elements are properly utilized, they lead to smart websites that have the potential to generate real results. For more detailed information, have a look at our Smart Website Manifesto!


Is your website smart?

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The 7 Key Elements

Make It Sticky

Attract the Right Visitors - The right visitors are qualified visitors. And qualified visitors lead to better conversions.

Be Seen

Increase Visibility & Exposure - 90% of people use search engines to find info on products, services or businesses. Will they find you?

It's All in the Numbers

Data-Driven Design - Use both qualitative and quantitative research data to inform more precise design decisions.

More Through the Door

Increase Leads = Increase Sales –Better than your best salesperson by communicating faster and more convincingly, while maintaining a singular voice.

The Winning Edge

Outsmart Competitors – You or your competitor is going to engage your potential customer first. A robust content strategy is the key to winning this race.

Click Me! Click Me!

Inspire Action – Relevant content and calls-to-action inspire people to take action — the integral metric for determining ROI.

Y'all Come Back Now

Retain Loyalty – Provide powerful reasons to revisit the website and further engage with content, features and calls-to-action.